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Brian McGinnty is an early thirties Londoner who's been an avid Star Trek fan since his youth and is now verging on delusional. Brian's only friend since school is Philip Douglas who lives down the road with his mum they both believe they are star fleet officers based here on Earth as Captain Kirks bodyguards. Brian is convinced that the captain is victim of abduction and brain washing by the Borg enemy and sets out on a quest across the pond to save him.

With the help of Phillip and a Russian taxi driver Brian attempts to find the captain and re-create the `amok ztime fight' in order to help him remember his true identity Captain Kirk not his imaginary persona 'William Shatner'.

Stalking Shatner The Diary Of A Delusional Mind is a testament to the courage and convictions of a determined yet delusional individual with a kind heart, which leads to an outcome nobody could have predicted.


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